EN-recyclable packaging

Would you like to know more about which types of packaging are not recyclable and why?

In this newsletter, we give you a few examples to help you understand why certain types of packaging is not accepted in the blue bag. Effective sorting ensures a clean stream and, as a result, higher recycling rates!


Black plastic

You may have seen that black plastic is not accepted in the blue bag. The reason is that the black colouring is generally obtained using carbon black. Carbon black absorbs the infrared rays of optical sorters, preventing them from determining the type of plastic. Black packaging therefore does not find its way to the appropriate fraction, but ends up in the sorting residues.


Coffee capsules

Since coffee capsules can be collected via the blue bag in Belgium, we have received many questions from consumers asking whether this is also possible in Luxembourg. However, this is not the case. Valorlux is not allowed to collect used capsules, as they are not considered to be packaging waste. As a result, the sorting centre is not programmed to be able to sort these products, which then end up in sorting residues.



Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) is not suitable for collection in the blue bag. Its physical properties mean that it crumbles easily. Collected with other packaging that risks damaging and soiling it, it would be difficult to extract Styrofoam for recycling.


Multi-layer packaging

Multi-layer packaging is made up of several materials that are glued together. An example of multilayer packaging is the crisp bag, which is made from plastic and metal. The different materials cannot be separated from each other during mechanical recycling, making this packaging non-recyclable.


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