Vision and Missions of Valorlux

Sort your household packaging waste and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Our vision

Your packaging: never waste - always a resource!

Our missions

Valorlux is a non-profit organisation (ASBL) founded in 1995 and authorised by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity.

  • We handle the extended producer responsibility on behalf of our members.
  • We manage the end-of-life of single-use packaging and objects efficiently and effectively, and in doing so we aim to use resources responsibly.
  • We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability by facilitating the systematic prevention, reuse and recycling of all packaging on a large scale, fueling an essential economic value chain.
  • We adopt an advanced digital approach to efficiently collect, manage and process data related to our business. This enables us to generate accurate and relevant reports for the authorities and ourselves, strengthening our ability to make the necessary decisions and enhancing our performance.
  • We consult and educate our stakeholders on our core activities and, through our experience and proactive initiatives, are recognised as the thoughtleader in these areas.

Packaging Waste Collection

To achieve the recovery and recycling quotas imposed by law, Valorlux supports and organises several collection systems: 


  • Door-to-door collection using the blue bag 
  • The RE-Box
  • Financial support for organisations providing their own selective sorting and collection system
  • Centralized management through resource centres 

The principle of co-responsibility

From the producer to the consumer, each operator involved in the life cycle of a package has the responsibility for his recycling. 


  • Industry : as the “Responsible for packaging”, producers, importers or marketers must ensure compliance with the legal obligations in force relative to waste recycling and recovery of packaging waste put on the market, as well as the obligation on Information requirements and the support of consumers’ awareness. Upon acceding to an eco-organization like Valorlux, the responsible of packaging provides a financial contribution to a shared-cost system, which organizes and ensures a part of the fulfillment of the legal requirements.
  • Consumers : Through good practices of waste sorting, the consumer also enhances the quality of recycling, once the waste is collected. The consumer is a major key holder in the recycling process.
  • Public authorities : In Luxemburg, the environmental administration ensures the monitoring and comply with laws relative to packaging waste. Municipalities co-operate in the realization of waste sorting systems and selective waste collection in their territory. 
  • Recycling facilities : they ensure the take-back and recycling of collected packaging waste, as a function of their precise remit, which is imposed on them.