The Blue bag: all about sorting, collecting and recycling your packaging waste

The Valorlux Blue bag, the practical and free solution to help preserve the environment.

Simplification of the sorting instructions in Luxembourg


Putting additional types of plastic packaging in your blue bag? It is now possible!

All luxembourgish residents can put the following packaging in the blue bag: 


- New: plastic pots

- New: plastic trays

- New: plastic cups 

- New: plastic bags and films 

- plastic bottles and containers 

- metal packaging

- beverage cartons

What to put in the blue bag

Plastic bottles and containers

Metal packaging

Beverage cartons


Plastic films and bags

Plastic pots, cups and trays

Forbidden in the blue bag

Prohibited items - Paper, cardboard, black plastic and multi-layer packaging
drawing of paper notebook drawing of paper envelope drawing of letter and cardboard envelope drawing of cardboard carton drawing of cardboard box

Paper and cardboard

drawing of gray bag and black plastic food tray

Black plastic

drawing of coffee bag drawing of crisps bag drawing of pet food stand up pouch

Multi-layer packaging such as bags of coffee, crisps and pet food bags

drawing of foam tray drawing of styrofoam

Foam trays & Styrofoam

drawing of pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

GHS Symbols

Packaging with GHS symbol (except for symbol with exclamation mark)

Do’s - Empty your packaging, max. 5 l, flatten your packaging

No need to wash the packaging before putting it in the blue bag  

drawing empty metal can drawing empty plastic bottle drawing empty metal tin can drawing empty plastic bottle

Empty packaging

5 liters maximum

Max 5L

drawing flatten drink carton drawing flatten can drawing flatten plastic bottle

Flatten packaging

Where do I get the Blue bags?

Availability Blue bags



  • Home delivery 

You can order a roll of Valorlux bags via our shop. The bags will be delivered into your mailing box within ten working days.


  • Pick-up service in one of our partner service station

You can order a roll of Valorlux bags via our shop. Choose the service station in which you want to pick up your roll. Get your pick-up voucher shortly after to pick your Valorlux bags up in the chosen service station. 


Simply ask your care provider to bring you a roll of Valorlux bags the next time they visit you.


  • At your municipality



You can order your bags online at our shop.

The bags are packed in cartons and are to be picked up at the depot in Leudelange upon presentation of the removal slip provided by Valorlux after validation of the online order. 

Collection calendar

Valorlux Web App

Do not miss the blue bags' collection! Add the collection schedule to your device! Simplify your life right away!


  • Activate geolocation: the calendar according to your position
  • Enable notifications: schedule a reminder
  • Add the collection schedule to your calendar


Do not miss the collection

Need help downloading the collection calendar and adding it to your device? Click Here

RE-box stations and resource centres


To find out the conditions of access to your resource centre, please consult the information provided by the park in question.



As of now, you can put your plastic pots, cups, trays, bags and films in the blue bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorting of packaging waste


This packaging is not accepted in the blue bag. It is made up of several layers of different materials (plastic, aluminum, etc.) and is therefore not considered to be recyclable.


This packaging is not accepted in the blue bag. It is made up of several layers of different materials (plastic, aluminum, etc.) which does not make it recyclable.

However, metal pet food trays can be put in the Valorlux blue bag.


With the simplified sorting, you can now put plastic films and bags in the blue bag.



Coffee capsules are not accepted in the blue bag.



However, they must be emptied of their contents. Recycling plants have processes that clean the packaging before processing it. It is therefore unnecessary to wash the packaging and especially to put it in the dishwasher.


This packaging is not accepted in the blue bag and must be handed over to a recycling park.

Currently, black plastic packaging cannot be recognized by the optical sorting technology used in the sorting centre. Therefore, they are currently considered as not recyclable.


Today's recycling techniques make it possible to easily separate the caps from the bottle. Each one then follows its own recycling process.
However, if you want to hand them over to associations for the recovery of plastic caps such as E Stopp fir E Mupp, which helps finance assistance dog programmes, you can collect the caps and bring them to the various collection points:


The only exception is packaging that only has the GHS symbol with the exclamation mark (i.e. laundry detergent bottles) if that packaging has been properly emptied.

Packaging with any other GHS symbol are not accepted in the blue bag.

Recycling of packaging waste

You can find detailed information on this subjet on our page about "Recyclable packaging".

Each material put into recycling becomes a new raw material to constitute another material or object. For example, a PET bottle can become a new bottle as shown in our film "Bottle-to-bottle".



Aluminium can become new food trays. Beverage cartons can be used to make toilet paper. HDPE can be used to make pipes used in construction. Steel can be used to make cans.

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