Resource centres

The resource centres, or recycling parks, allow you to dispose of waste so it can be recycled.

Simplification of the sorting at the resource centres

From May 2024


From May 2024, a simplified sorting method will be implemented in all resource centres to make the collection, sorting and recycling processes more efficient and user-friendly for citizens.


In November 2023, the sorting of packaging was already simplified at STEP resource centres and 2 parks operated by SIDEC. In January 2024, the new sorting method was also put into place at the SICA and SIGRE resource centres.



What is changing?

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PMD packaging - except for plastic films - are collected together.

18-black cafe illustration sac de course réutilisable

Non-recyclable packaging is collected together.

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The Valorlux Eco-bags are collected separately.


Plastic films are collected separately.


Styrofoam is collected separately.

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Corks are collected separately.*

*For every tonne collected, we give a financial support to ASA ASBL to fund the training of assistance dogs as part of the "E Stopp fir e Mupp" initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplification of the sorting at the resource centres

The purpose is to simplify sorting for users. This collection method will also improve the quality of recycling, particularly for trays and Eco-bags.

This packaging is thermally recovered. Thermal or energy recovery involves using the heat contained in the waste by burning it and recovering the energy produced to heat buildings or produce electricity, for example.

Currently, black plastic packaging cannot be recognised by the optical sorting technology used in the sorting centre. Therefore, they are considered as not recyclable.

No, whole blue bags are not accepted. The contents must be sorted into 1000 l bags at your resource centre, separating the PE films from the PMD fraction.

Valorlux knows the composition of its Eco-bags (100 % PP), but not that of other reusable bags on the market. In order to guarantee quality recycling, we have to only collect the bags whose composition we know for the time being.

Black film must go into the "non-recyclable" fraction.