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Putting additional types of plastic packaging in your blue bag? It is now possible!

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The PET bottles that are collected through the blue bag are recycled to produce new PET bottles.

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Global Recycling Day: How can the recyclability and recycling rates of packaging be improved?

On Saturday 18th March, it is Global Recycling Day! On this occasion, we will analyse the European objectives that are aiming to improve the recycling rates and recyclability of packaging.

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Prevention of single-use plastic packaging: what is the impact on public events and the Horeca sector?

In June last year, the package of laws called the “Offall- a Ressourcëpak” was voted. In this newsletter, we will be focussing on the articles in the package of laws that will have an impact on the types of packaging that can be used during public events and in the Horeca sector.

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Results of the extension of packaging collected via the blue bag

Since the remodelling of the sorting facility at the end of 2018 and the extension of the collection of packaging waste via the blue bag in July 2021, the quantities of packaging waste collected have gone up by 33.23 %, while the quantity of PMC (Plastic, Metal and beverage Cartons) packaging put on the market has only gone up by 1.3 %.

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Valorlux, preservation of the environment

Sort your household packaging waste and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Valorlux is a non-profit organisation (a.s.b.l.), which has the objective of promoting and coordinating selected waste collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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