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*Honnertzwanzeg Sekonnen - 120 seconds – presents essential information concerning packaging and can be read in under 2 minutes. The content will be focusing on news concerning packaging that are relevant to you as a member of Valorlux


The second edition highlighted specific amendments of the law on packaging and packaging waste that could have had a big impact on your daily activities depending on your sector. Since then, new amendments have been made to the draft law, cancelling or amending a few of these initiatives. 

Here are the updates (in green):


1. Packaged fruits and vegetables <1,5 kg


  • This measure has been incorporated into the draft law concerning the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

  • Postponement of the date of entry into force to 1st July 2023

From this date onwards, it will no longer be possible to sell fruits and vegetables listed in the annex III wrapped in plastic packaging for quantities of under 1,5 kg.


2. Gradual ban of complimentary supply of service packaging


- Amendment of year of enforcement and of the retained measures:


Year Retained Measures


  • single-use plastic cups and containers can no longer be supplied for free.
  • shopping bags, no matter the material they are made of, can no longer be supplied for free.


- Addition of specific terms:


  • The price of the packaging must be displayed separately from the selling price of the product at the sales outlet.

  • If the price of the packaging is included in the selling price of the product, it must be deducted for people who refuse the packaging.



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