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Why use the common platforms?

Technical Assistant

The municipality is an invaluable partner of Valorlux in providing assistance in the distribution of blue bags as well as information on sorting and collection schedules to citizens.

Municipal obligation

The municipality has a responsibility and a legal obligation to provide recycling systems to its citizens. 

Environmental responsibility

To be an economically, environmentally and socially responsible municipality, the use of online ordering simplifies the order management procedures of sorting materials. 

Online order for Valorlux materials for my municipality

  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue Bag 60 L

    1 box = 25 rolls = 500 bags


  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue bag 120 L

    1 box = 20 rolls = 200 bags


  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue bags 360 L

    1 box = 10 rolls = 100 bags



Collection calendar for the blue bags

Any person or company located in one of the municipalities participating in the Valorlux system can recycle their plastic and metal packaging and drinks cartons using the blue/green Valorlux bag.


The green bag is a pilot project to collect plastic film and plastic bags in addition to the usual rubbish accepted in the blue bag. The following municipalities currently use the green bag: Bertrange, Betzdorf, Biwer, Echternach, Flaxweiler, Garnich, Grevenmacher, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Lenningen, Mamer, Manternach, Mertert, Remich, Rosport-Mompach, Septfontaines, Stadtbredimus, Steinfort and Wormeldange.

The other municipalities use the blue bag.


Access the collection calendar for your street