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Waste sorting guide

Sorting means saving natural resources

By sorting, we encourage:


  • The increase in quality of the recycling of packaging
  • The conservation of natural resources
  • Environmental protection


The blue Valorlux bag

You can put packaging such as plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and drinks cartons in the Valorlux blue bag. 

Where can I get the bags?

The bags are available free of charge from your municipality.

Pilot projects

The green Valorlux bag

The green bag is a pilot project to collect plastic film and plastic bags in addition to the usual rubbish accepted in the blue bag. The following municipalities currently use the green bag: Bertrange, Betzdorf, Biwer, Echternach, Flaxweiler, Garnich, Grevenmacher, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Lenningen, Mamer, Manternach, Mertert, Remich, Rosport-Mompach, Septfontaines, Stadtbredimus, Steinfort and Wormeldange.

The other municipalities use the blue bag.

Valorlux blue bag pilot project

Since March 2019, the municipalities of Differdange, Helperknapp and Mondorf-les-Bains have been participating in the Valorlux blue bag pilot project, enabling you to collect more plastic packaging waste.

What can you put in the bag?




New Valorlux Web App

Maintenant disponible!

Add the Collection Calendar app to your phone! Your reminder to take out your blue bags and never miss the collection of your street!


  • Activate geolocation: the calendar according to your position
  • Activate notifications: receive a reminder the day before
  • Add the collection calendar to your agenda


Don't miss the collection