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Sorting makes it so easy to preserve our environment

Why take part in sorting and recycling?

Civil obligation to recycle packaging waste

As a citizen, I have a responsibility and obligation to recycle plastic, metal packaging, beverage cartons, glass, paper / cardboard

Contribute to sustainable development

Recycling and recovering most of the waste by giving a second life to packaging and reducing the production of waste by avoiding unnecessary packaging


Collection calendar for the blue bags

Any person or company located in one of the municipalities participating in the Valorlux system can recycle their plastic and metal packaging and drinks cartons using the blue/green Valorlux bag.


Access the calendar

What can you put in the blue bag? The sorting guide

The quality of the recycling of packaging depends, among other things, on the quality of the sorting by the consumer. You can put packaging such as plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and drinks cartons in the blue Valorlux bag.

In the green bag, you can also add plastic film and plastic bags.


What can you put in the blue bag?

Re-box stations and other recycling facilities

Deposit your yoghurt pots, plastic trays and plastic film into your Re-box collection station! Valorlux has set up “Re-box” collection stations in 15 supermarkets/hypermarkets in which consumers can deposit their yoghurt pots, plastic trays and plastic film.


Locate the recycling stations

New Valorlux Web App

Maintenant disponible!

Add the Collection Calendar app to your phone! Your reminder to take out your blue bags and never miss the collection of your street!


  • Activate geolocation: the calendar according to your position
  • Activate notifications: receive a reminder the day before
  • Add the collection calendar to your agenda


Don't miss the collection