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On 17th April 2023, Valorlux is launching Spin!


Last year, we told you about our project to put into place a system to borrow reusable packaging for take-away and delivery services.


Today, we can finally announce the launch of the pilot project in 15 shops (SpinPoints) in Luxembourg City!


At launch, a 0.3 l reusable cup will be available, which is a type of packaging that is most commonly used and that is suitable for many different types of drinks. This pilot project will enable us to evaluate the acceptance of such a system by consumers and to determine how to optimise the system in order to be able to expand the range of items and the places where it is available.



Why is Valorlux launching a reuse project?


The law provides that the reuse of the packaging has to be proven and that a roadmap will have to be presented to the ministry of Environment by 1st January 2024. As a reminder, single-use containers, trays, plates and cutlery will be banned from 1st January 2025 for take-away and home delivery services. The reduction of waste is also one of the goals that need to be met. This reuse project is aiming to contribute to this reduction as well.


Valorlux handles the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging that is put on the Luxembourg market by its members. In the context of the regulatory evolution of the legal obligations of its members, Valorlux seeks to add to its offer a mutual reuse system for packaging that they can join in order to be compliant with these obligations, while being able to keep offering take-away and home delivery services to their clients.


Spin handles all the necessary logistics, washing and reporting for the participants. Spin is also advantageous for consumers, as the SpinPoints (places where they can borrow and return a Spin item) are available in multiple shops and thus facilitate the loan and drop-off of the reusable packaging.


How does the system work?


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  1. Before they are put into the reuse circuit, all the items are washed and packaged into containers at Sanem. Then, they are ready to begin their first rotation cycle.
  2. The logistics partner picks up the containers and distributes them in the SpinPoints. Now, the items are ready for use and can be served to consumers.
  3. After consumption, the cups and lids are dropped off by consumers into the dedicated containers within the SpinPoints.
  4. The logistics partner picks up the containers filled with used packaging and drops off empty and clean containers on a daily basis.
  5. The cups and lids are transported to the washing centre where a quality control is carried out and all items are washed.



How will the system evolve?


During the 1st phase, we will be focusing on the smooth running of the pilot project in the 15 shops in Luxembourg City. We are hoping that the pilot project will be conclusive and that we will be able to continue the development of the system. We will expand the range of available items (trays, pizza boxes, etc.) and the availability zone.


If you would like to be contacted when this expansion will take place, write to us!


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