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Take these simple everyday steps: Recycle your packaging waste or throw it straight into a dustbin.
Not into the environment.


Did you know?
According to the Environmental Administration, municipal cleaning services collect 1.6 kg of litter per inhabitant annually. In 2015, 103 kg of litter (compared with 89 kg in 2008) were collected, on average per km, along national roads, and 216 kg along motorways (compared to 309 kg in 2008). The quantities and the nature of the waste vary considerably from one year to the next.


The annual cost of “littering” (disposing of rubbish in public spaces) is estimated at 1.2 million Euros in Luxembourg, and that is just in relation to bridges and roads.


The lack of dustbins is often the reason given as the cause of littering. However, studies show that more than 50% of littering occurs within 5 metres of a non-full bin and 10% of littering occurs less than one metre away from a dustbin. The installation of more dustbins and more frequent cleaning alone cannot solve the litter problem.


There is not a typical profile of a person who disposes of his rubbish in the environment. It has already been frequently observed that a person who carefully throws some sort of rubbish into the dustbin may throw other objects into the environment.


Littering takes place in several ways:


  • Disposing of rubbish in a public environment stealthily or in full view
  • Depositing the rubbish on a surface before gradually moving away from the place
  • Wedging waste into small spaces like slots


Since the end of 2015, police and customs officers have been issuing fines to offenders.