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To reduce the use of single-use bags.

What is the Eco bag?


The Eco bag is a shopping bag:


  • Reusable - it is extremely robust.
  • Ecological - it is recyclable.
  • Economical - it is freely exchangeable in case of wear and tear.
  • Convenient - its size means you can carry a large amount of shopping.


History of the Eco bag

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In 2004, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, the Environment Administration, the Luxembourg Confederation of Commerce (clc) and retail chains, Valorlux launched the “Eco bag” project in order to avoid the use of single-use bags and save natural resources through the use of this reusable shopping bag.


This project is part of an environmental agreement between the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and Valorlux.


In 2012, the European Commission designated the “Eco Bag” project as an example of good practice in the field of waste prevention.


Since the beginning of the project, the use of approximately 922 million single-use bags has been avoided, saving 6,287 tons of plastic or 13,982,072 litres of oil.


Thanks to you, we had a more positive impact on the environment!

Together we saved

920 million

single-use bags

6287 tons

of plastic

13,98 million

litres of oil