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Position yourself as an economically, environmentally and socially responsible company and meet your legal obligations in as a packaging manager!


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The responsible of the packing

A responsible for packing is “anyone who packed or ordered the packaging of products in Luxembourg in order to sell them or when placing them on the Luxembourg market, or if some products are placed on the Luxembourg market and have not been packed in Luxembourg, the importer of the packed products, with the exception of private individuals who consume the products themselves”. The Law of 21 March 2017 with regard to packaging and packaging waste

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  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue Bag 60 L

    1 box = 25 rolls = 500 bags


  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue bag 120 L

    1 box = 20 rolls = 200 bags


  • VALORLUX Sac-Bleu A4

    Blue bags 360 L

    1 box = 10 rolls = 100 bags


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If you join Valorlux you will be signing up to the global system for the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging in Luxembourg. In this way, member companies can comply with legal obligations more easily and at a lower cost than if they did so individually.


The Valorlux membership agreement concerns household and similar packaging. The agreement is concluded for an unspecified duration.


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    Discover how a PET bottle is recycled into a new bottle, thanks to the collection and sorting of packaging in the blue Valorlux bag!

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    Say enough is enough to litter!

    Take these simple everyday steps: Recycle your packaging waste or throw it straight into a dustbin.
    Not into the environment.

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  • plastic-3491137 1280

    Prevention of packaging waste

    The prevention of packaging waste is the first antidote to the continuing growth of household waste. Its effectiveness depends on the design of the packaging (weight, volume, material, recyclability, etc.) and the public spirit of the consumer in his purchases. In Luxembourg, since 2004, the Eco bag project led by Valorlux, in collaboration with the clc and the Environmental Administration and leading retailers, has made it possible to limit the use of single-use bags by promoting the use of reusable bags to preserve our natural resources.   TIPS FOR REDUCING PACKAGING WASTE   From producer to consumer, everyone plays a role in the life cycle of packaging. In general, we must ensure that we:   Avoid unnecessary packaging Limit the proliferation of new packaging to the necessary minimum Encourage the use of packaging that is easy to collect, sort and recycle Encourage the use of refillable packaging which is more environmentally friendly Reduce the amount of materials and substances used in packaging by reducing their weight Prioritise reusable packaging Encourage citizens to sort their packaging waste so that they can be recycled properly

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    Blue bag pilot project in three municipalities:

    Differdange, Helperknapp and Mondorf

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